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As pet owners, we want to make sure that we properly care for our animal or animals. A qualified Evansville veterinarian is the best source of information about your pet's health. With regular check-ups and by following your vet's advice, you can work together to help ensure that your pet leads a happy and healthy life. Animal Medical Services helps animals throughout Evansville, IN and the surrounding areas of Wadesville, Mount Vernon and Inglefield, and we are ready to see how we can apply our knowledge and experience in this specialized field to help you.

Vet Serving Evansville, IN

Why do we do what we do? Like most successful veterinarians, we at Animal Medical Services combine a passion for science and animals to provide professional medical care and compassionate support to animals and their owners throughout Evansville. This is a highly technical line of work that requires knowledge of multiple species and a broad range of common and rare medical conditions alike. Effective healthcare for an animal is targeted not only at treating emergency conditions or injuries that arise but in providing preventative care to avoid health problems in the first place. While some of the issues are often complex, it is a rewarding field.

Veterinarian Practice Serving Evansville and the Surrounding Areas

At Animal Medical Services, we believe that veterinary services should be provided on a personalized basis, with a foundation in training and experience that allows a vet to properly diagnose and treat an animal's specific condition. Prevention is also an important part of the care that an experienced veterinarian provides, as this can help an animal avoid complications common to its breed or species and lead a healthier, longer life. We provide our services from our offices in Evansville and welcome you to take this opportunity to learn more about how we can help you with your particular concerns.

Find out more about the specific types of services that Animal Medical Services provides by clicking on the links listed below. You can also call us at to talk about your unique needs and concerns. Either way, getting more information is the best way to ensure that you can make the right choices for your pet. Click on one of the topics below to learn more about the services we offer.

At our practice, we help animals throughout Wadesville, Mount Vernon and Inglefield. We are located at 2918 Mount Vernon Ave, Evansville, IN 47712, and we welcome you to view the map below to see where we are and how to get to our offices.

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We know that you have many choices in veterinarians throughout Evansville and the surrounding areas. But if you are looking for the level of care that your pet deserves along with the friendly service that makes your experience the best it can be, you have come to the right place. Call our practice today at and find out what sets us apart from the rest. Contact an Evansville vet at Animal Medical Services to schedule your pet's appointment today.

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